Bitraid 1.01

-Reserve ammunition
-Buy menu to buy ammunition, and upgrade your weapon
-New achievements (Secret, Get all upgrades)
-New skins (Candy Apple SMG)
-Weapon balancing
-Customizable Controls
-Reset game to default state (Does not wipe progress)
-Added a lockdown, when game's version is out of date, or game is being updated, making you unable to play.
-Made earning money easier
-Increased chances to get an elite skin from a golden crate slightly
-Added a profile page that displays your statistics
-Minor map changes
-General Bug Fixes
-Added option to disable bodies from the game. Meaning they instantly start to disappear
-Reset the All Time leaderboard
-Added Competitive leaderboard, that gets reset every update. If the number one player on the competitive
leaderboard is a part of my discord server, he gets his own custom weapon skin/character.

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Mar 20, 2019

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