Bitraid 1.02

-Added new crate opening sound effects
-Added new skins:
  *Pistol - Graphite (Common)
  *Pistol - Silverline (Uncommon)
  *Pistol - RGB (Unique)
  *Pistol - Rhodolite (Rare)
  *Pistol - Tetris (Elite)
  *Pistol - Jungle (Unlock)
  *SMG - Slaughter (Unlock) *Submitted by JokiKana (Edited by Colorics)
  *SMG - Coral (Unlock)
  *Shotgun - Duality (Unlock) *Dedicated to Aren Eternal for winning the 1.01 Competitive Leaderboard
-Fixed some bugs, obviously
-Added options to disable score submitting, and disable the dark lighting making the game a whole lot brighter
-Added new achievements:
  *Get 1000 Kills
  *Get 5000 Kills
  *Get 10000 Kills
  *Play for an hour

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Mar 22, 2019

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Good game, I love the variety of weapon skins and the progressive difficulty of the waves. 20/10