Bitraid 1.03

-Added free crates

-One free crate for every level-up
-Added a crate opening effect
-Added new skins:
  *Shotgun: Night (Common)
  *Shotgun: Spotlight (Uncommon)
  *Shotgun: Passion (Unique)
  *Shotgun: Pastel (Rare)
  *Shotgun: Crystal (Elite)
  *SMG: Graphite (Common)
  *SMG: Stroke (Uncommon)
  *SMG: Bloodlust (Unique)
  *SMG: Crypto (Rare)
  *SMG: Stereopsis (Elite)
  *AR: Starry Sky (Unlock) To Engravedred for winning 1.02
-Added new achievement
-Pause game when unfocused
-Various bug fixes

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Mar 23, 2019

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